COVID-19 Update: We are back – and resuming trips beginning in July. Check your mailbox for the 2021 newsletter and check our calendar today to start booking!!

We are Back!

I can’t tell you how much we missed seeing all of you over the past year and a half.  We are starting up but slowly.  I am scheduling 2 trips per month for July through November.  One will be a one day and the other an extended.  We’ll have to see what happens for 2022 as far as which casinos are taking buses.  Things are very fluid right now.  You won’t see any buffets like you did before.  There are some casinos that do not accept buses right now and some that are going all out with letting buses in and no masks.  It’s really crazy.  Based on the way things are going, we will be going out with a few less people on the bus than we did before.  Because of this and price increases to me I did have to raise the prices a bit.  But I didn’t go crazy because I want to see all of you again.

We will have some changes for the early going at least.  Because of everything going on, we will be doing temperature checks prior to you boarding the bus.  After all, you don’t want to get to the casino, find you have a temperature and then not be allowed in.  And you won’t be able to stay on the bus.  So temps it is.  The other thing is for everyone’s safety.  On your first trip back with us, I would like to see your vaccination card.  I will only have to see it on your first trip.  The reason for this is simple:  if you are traveling with a group and everyone had their shots, you won’t have to be social distanced on the bus.  Those without the card will have to social distance with everyone but their partner.  Believe me, I’m doing this for everyone’s safety, well being and peace of mind.

Call early to insure getting on the bus.  I look forward to seeing and teasing you again.


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