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September – November 2014

4 Winds Day Trip @ 4 Winds
Sep 9 all-day

We’re heading back to 4 Winds for another day of fun. This venue is turning out to be one of the favorites! Past visits have seen our guests in awe of this facility. From the many different machines to the fabulous buffet, it’s a place you will want to return to over and over again. This is one of those casinos that has its own following so you’ll want to get on the list before all of the seats are taken. It’s a nice 2 1/2 hour ride around Chicago to New Buffalo, MI. And it’s all freeway so you’re there before you know it. There are several dining options to choose from while you are exploring the casino floor, and each one of them is great! You will be talking about the food on the ride home. If it’s your first time joining us on the trip to 4 Winds, I promise you’ll be impressed. Call early, bring a group and I’ll see you on the bus!


  • Deluxe motorcoach w/ escort, movies, games, fun
  • $15 in promo cash
  • $10 food credit


  • 7:00 am AMF Lanes
  • 7:15 am Hales Corner
  • 7:30 am College Ave, Northeast Lot
  • 7:45 am Highway 20

Depart casino at 5:30 pm

HoChunk Day Trip @ HoChunk
Sep 11 all-day


  • Deluxe motorcoach w/ escort
  • $25 promo cash
  • 10% off a great buffet


  • 7:30 am Loomis Park & Ride
  • 8:00 am Burleigh Park & Ride
  • 8:20 am Hwy G (if needed)

Depart casino at 5:00 pm

Meskwaki @ Meskwaki
Sep 15 – Sep 17 all-day

It’s time to travel to Tama again! Not only is this a favorite location for a lot of people, a visit to Meskwaki at this time of year help sus rue the end of summer in the midwest. We had so much fun with the CHAMPAGNE COACH that we are doing it again! There will be liquid refreshments on the ride down to help pass the time away. Day 1 will find us going directly to Meskwaki with a stop off for a bite to eat on the way. On day two we are going to Tanger Mall for a bit of shopping. On day three, we will be stopping off at Mystique on the way home. The food is great on this trip, both in the buffet and the food court at Meskwaki and the buffet at Mystique. Bingo is played 3 times a day and a wide variety of slots and table games will greet you at both casinos. Meskwaki also has a spa with a huge pool and hot tub to help you rejuvenate those tired, sun burnt bones from working outdoors all summer. So bring along a swimsuit for some relaxing non-gaming time. Get your friends together and we’ll see you on the bus.


  • Deluxe motorcoach with fun, games, escort
  • 2 nights accommodations
  • $60 in promo cash at Meskwaki
  • $10 in food coupons at Meskwaki
  • $10 promo cash at Mystique
  • 1 free buffet at Mystique
  • Refreshments on the way down (and back, if any is left)


  • 7:30 a.m. Depart College Ave Park & Ride, northeast lot
  • 8:00 a.m. Depart Hales Corner Park & Ride
  • 8:20 a.m. Depart Burleigh Park & Ride
  • 8:45 a.m. Depart Hwy. G
Jumers Sampler @ Jumers Casino
Sep 25 – Sep 26 all-day

It’s off to Rock Island, IL for an evening at Jumers Casino. We’ll be staying overnight after a visit to Diamond Jo on the way down and then we’ll stop off at Mystique on the way home. This inexpensive trip will bring you $40 back in promo cash along with 2 FREE buffets and $3 off a breakfast. All three of these casinos are relatively new. If you haven’t been to them before, I think you will find them to be most enjoyable. They have all of the latest in slots and all of the table games you are looking for. This adventure is just the thing to help bring in the fall season. So get your friends together, give us a call and join us on this one. I hope to see you on the bus.


  • Deluxe motorcoach with escort
  • 2 FREE lunch buffets
  • $40 promo cash
  • $3 off breakfast at Jumers


  • 7:00 am Depart College Avenue Park & Ride (northeast lot)
  • 7:20 am Depart Hales Corner Park & Ride
  • 7:40 am Depart Burleigh Park & Ride
  • 8:00 am Depart Hwy G Park & Ride
HoChunk Casino Sampler @ HoChunk
Oct 6 – Oct 7 all-day

With so many good comments about this trip, we’re going back again. It’s the HoChunk 3 bagger! We will be doing Wisconsin Dells on the way up to Black River Falls and then it’s off to Nekoosa on the way home. We’ve done this trip a number of times in the past, and it has always been a fun adventure. All three casinos offer the very latest Vegas style games that I’m sure you will enjoy. Getting $110 back in promo money makes it even more inticing. Mark your calendars, plan your time away and join us on this quick two day, one night adventure.

Bring along your fun attitude as it will be a great time. Bring a group along to help the fun begin. Call early, and I’ll see you on the bus. Note: Stops may be done in reverse order!


  • Deluxe motorcoach w/ escort and games
  • 1 night deluxe accommodations
  • $50 promo cash at Black River Falls
  • $25 promo cash at Wisconsin Dells
  • $25 promo cash at Nekoosa
  • Earn 5 pts and receive another $10 promo cash at Nekoosa
  • 10% off food at Wisconsin Dells


  • 7:15 am College Avenue Park & Ride, Northeast Lot
  • 7:35 am Hales Corner
  • 8:00 am Burleigh Park & Ride
  • 8:15 am Highway G (if needed)
Frankenmuth @ Frankenmuth
Oct 9 – Oct 11 all-day

Here is the gift for all of the wives and mom’s out there. This is the type of trip they will enjoy to the fullest. A stop at 4 Winds on the first day as we make our way to Soaring Eagle is always a crowd favorite. From there, it’s on to Mt. Pleasant for our two-night stay at the ‘Eagle’. On day two, we will be stopping off in Frankenmuth for her to shop till she drops. The largest Christmas store in the world will put her in fantasyland. There is a chance for some live entertainment when we visit. Chip has been known to buy a round or two while here. For those want to go to Zendar’s for their famous chicken dinner, we’ll accommodate for them. Day three will find us at the Firekeepers for a stop as we make our way back home. This would make a great Mother’s Day present. The food on this trip is great and the promo’s will bring a smile to everyone’s face. You will be getting $150 back in food and promo cash.  There is also a nice pool and hot tub for that special relaxation you may be looking for. Call early, and bring a group to have fun together!


  • Motorcoach with escort, games & movies
  • 2 nights comfy hotel accommodations
  • $15 promo cash at 4 Winds
  • $20 promo cash at Firekeepers
  • $60 promo cash at Soaring Eagle
  • $10 food coupon at 4 Winds
  • $5 food coupon at Firekeepers
  • $40 food coupons at Soaring Eagle


  • 7:00 am Burleigh Park & Ride
  • 7:15 am Hales Corner
  • 7:30 am College Avenue Park & Ride, northeast lot
  • 8:00 am Highway 20
Mystic Lake/Mall of America @ Mystic Lake Casino
Nov 12 – Nov 14 all-day

We are going to have two fun-filled days of Minnesota gaming and shopping on this one. After starting out at HoChunk in Wisconsin Dells, we’ll be going to Mystic Lake in Minnesota for a couple of nights. While there, we will be doing a side trip to the Mall of America. Here you will have an opportunity to start your Christmas shopping early in one of the largest shopping malls in America. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a gift for that “hard to shop” person on your list! If you can’t find a gift here, you are in real trouble. You only option at that point is to get them a Chip’s Tours gift certificate. We’ll be heading back to Mystic Lake for the second evening and then on day three we’ll head down to Black River Falls for a little more gaming at another HoChunk property. This three day, two night adventure, will really go by fast. So get you gang together, call early and reserve your spot on this shopping adventure with Chips’ Tours. See you on the bus.


  • Motorcoach with escort and games
  • $50 promo cash at HoChunk
  • $30 promo cash at Mystic Lake
  • 10% off food at HoChunk (Dells)
  • Food discounts at Mystic Lake
  • $2/5 be back coupon


  • 6:15 am College Park & Ride (northeast lot)
  • 6:40 am Hales Corner
  • 7:00 am Burleigh Park & Ride
  • 7:30 am Hwy G

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