NEW TOUR: August 12 — Join us for a impromptu Wittenberg Casino Trip on August 12. Take advantage of the Road Trip Promotion and call Chip to book your seat today!


Congratulations on beginning an adventure! An adventure where your tour guide treats you like a friend. Chip’s Tours, LLC is a tour-company that specializes in casino bus trips throughout the continental United States. Explore our destination offerings, our experience-driven service, and get an idea where we’re going in the near future.

Chip Gallagher, Owner & Adventure GuideChip Gallagher, owner and operator of Chip’s Tours, LLC, publishes a newsletter quarterly. Throughout the newsletter, you will discover the trips being planned for the immediate future, along with hints for upcoming excursions to watch for! Trips vary in length, understanding that everyone has family and business commitments. Trips range in length from a one-day outing to multi-day adventures.

If you’re looking to have fun, meet new friends, and just get away for a day (or more), consider Chip’s Tours, LLC and sign up for one of our many outings. We know you’ll be back for more!


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[I] just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your bus trips!   You are such a nice, entertaining guy!! Thank you.